Electrical & Industrial Test - Power Quality and Energy Monitoring

The requirements for energy and power quality monitoring can often be daunting for installation and maintenance crews. However using the right instrument for the job often simplifies the task, whilst hire and rental solutions make these tools accessible at an affordable price.
With a range of equipment from leading manufacturers available for hire, rent and lease engineers and technicians should be able to find the right instrument to give them the data and results they need. Below are listed a selection of instruments available. If you cannot find the right instrument for your challenge, then our sales engineers are waiting for your call to help you make the best choice.

Fluke 1730/EU

1730 Portable Energy Logger

Dranetz HDPQ Visa

Power quality / Energy monitoring analyzer

Sinergy Ltd E-tracker Mk II

Power Demand Analyser

GMC Mavowatt 40

3 Phase Power Disturbance Analyser

Dranetz BMI 4400

Power Quality Analyser Three Phase

Fluke 437-II

400Hz Power Quality and Energy Analyzer

Doble F6150

Power System Simulator

Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6116

Electrical Installation Tester


Digital Power Meter 3-phases 3-elements

Newtons4th PPA5530

Precision Power Analyser

Fluke 1653B

Multifunction Installation Tester

Omicron Electronics CT Analyser

Current Transformer Tester

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