VeEX - CM3800

VeEX  - CM3800

Platform highlights

  • Provides cable TV technicians with a next-generation plant maintenance tool with Sweep & Spectrum Analysis
  • Easy-to-use WinCE system minimizes training and maximizes testing accuracy and consistency
  • Compatible with existing CaLan sweep installations - works side by side with legacy deployments
  • Open architecture design provides suppport for a variety of devices and future applications
  • Interfaces to the web-based realGATE™ Test Management system, providing a full array of management tools for tracking assets, analyzing test data and implementing workforce management
  • Simplifies Proof-of-Performance testing
  • Use WiFi option, Ethernet or cable modem to access back office systems and manage test results

Key features

  • New Fast Spectrum with 0.3 uSec sample rate
  • Now with Equalizer Stress, Frequency Response and Group Delay measurements in Digital & Cable Mode
  • i-QAM option identifies impairments in a QAM signal
  • Gated CCN, CSO, CTB & HUM tests on active channels
  • DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem with up to 8 DS and 4 US bonded channels
  • High resolution true non-interfering 5 to 1000 MHz downstream sweep system with manual & automatic Gain & Slope offsets
  • Future proof flexible and upgradeable DSP software defined receiver technology
  • Fast 5 to 200 MHz upstream sweep, plus ingress detection and display
  • WiFi 802.11g Wireless USB adapter option
  • Fast 1 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with 1,000 MHz Span and 1 MHz to 30 kHz RBW
  • 6.4” full VGA, color touch screen (daylight visible)
  • BPI+ and PacketCable™ digital certificates installed
  • Weather and shock resistant
  • Net-Tools: ping, trace, throughput and IP details via WiFi, Ethernet and Cable Modem
  • User programmable automated 24 hour testing
  • Additional applications for live search, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, Remote Desktop plus options for WiFi, Signature Capture and more

Item code: 9000129

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VeEX CM3800

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