Sage - 325EV

Sage - 325EV

325EV a Powerful Next Generation Voice Suite
 Qualify Voice Services
• Test the networks ability to transmit distortion free voice in both directions
•  Provides Clarity Merit Score (MOS)
•  Measures audio level
•  Measures background noise
 Bad MOS Scores?
•   Detect and measure packet loss
•   Detect and measure voice clips
•   Detect and measure noise hits
 Isolate echo problems
•   Detect and measure echo
•   Verify echo cancellation
 Verify End-to-End Network Performance and Provisioning
•   Measure network delay
•   Measure jitter buffer performance
•   Verify codec type
•   Measure call completion time (post dial delay)

Item code: 147820

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Sage 325EV

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