Newtons4th - PPA5530

Newtons4th - PPA5530

The Newtons4th PPA5530 is a wideband precision three phase power analyser. Ideal for testing of variable frequency drives and other applications where frequencies are not at the standard 50Hz.

Full measurement of Voltage, Current, Power, Phase, Frequency and Harmonics.

  • Leading wideband accuracy
  • Basic 0.02% plus class leading high frequency performance
  • Wide frequency range
    • DC, 10mHz to 2MHz  
  • Fast sample rate and No-Gap
    •  2.2M samples/s 
    • High accuracy is maintained even with noisy or distorted power applications
  • Leading phase accuracy
    • 0.005 Degrees plus 0.01 degrees per kHz (PPA5500)
  • Built in high precision current shunt
    • 30Arms, All models also support external shunt resistors or current transformers
  • Versatile interfaces RS232, USB, GPIB, LAN, Torque and Speed
  • Range of PC software options
    • Remote control and monitoring of real time data, tables and graphs plus export of
      measured data into various PC formats

Item code: 157829

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