Keysight / Agilent - N5244A

Keysight / Agilent - N5244A

N5244A PNA-X Microwave Network Analyzer

  • 10 MHz to 43.5 GHz
  • 4-ports with two built-in sources
  • 126 dB system and 129 receiver dynamic range, 32,001 points, 32 channels, 5 MHz IF bandwidth
  • High output power (+16 dBm), low harmonics (-60 dBc) and a wide power sweep range (41 dB)
  • Best dynamic accuracy: 0.1 dB compression with +15 dBm input power at the receiver
  • Low noise floor of -111 dBm at 10 Hz IF bandwidth
  • Fitted Options include:
    • N5244A-400    4 ports, dual source
    • N5244A-010    Time-domain measurements
    • N5244A-080    Frequency offset measurements
    • N5244A-083    Vector and scalar calibrated converter measurements
    • N5244A-084    Embedded LO measurements
    • N5244A-419    Add extended power range and bias-tees to 4 port analyzer

Item code: 158265

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