Clare - B433R

Clare - B433R
  • Simple clear logical user interface
  • Test current of 25A a.c. into a 0.1Ω impedance
  • Earth continuity/ground bond impedance is displayed via a meter ranged from 0 to 1Ω, with colour coded bands for 0 to 0.1Ω (green), 0.1Ω to 0.5Ω (yellow) and 0.5Ω to 1Ω (red) to simplify operator use when correlating result to most international test standards pass fail criteria
  • Supplied with high quality Clare trademark No-Burn high current earth/ground bond probe – prevents visual burn marks to product during application of the test current
  • Built in test pass/fail threshold is indicated by green LED which is integral to the No-Burn test probe, and illuminates during test application – this facilitates remote working when the operator is out of sight of the test instrument, for example behind a large product under test
  • Rugged design suitable for industrial use

Item code: 152792

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