Albedo Telecom - Net.Storm

Albedo Telecom - Net.Storm
  • World's first hand-held WAN emulator
  • Emulates optical, electrical, wireless, satellite, internet, intranet and, therefore, able to test applications under actual network conditions
  • Compact state with 2xSFP + 2x1000BASE-T + 2xUSB + 2xRJ45 + 1xSD weighing just 2 pounds
  • Built-in Screen, Keyboard and Battery
  • 16 user-defined filters to select flows based on MAC, IP, VLAN, TCP, UDP, COS, DSCP...
  • Impairment generation on each flow including Latency, Packet Loss, Duplication, Delay, Jitter
  • Traffic shaping and Traffic Policing
  • Suitable for any IP application including IPTV, Multicast, VoIP, critical data, etc
  • FPGA design to operate at Wire speed
  • Suitable for both Laboratories and/or Field Work

Item code: 157489

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