Advantest - R3267

Advantest - R3267

Spectrum Analyser (20Hz - 8GHz)

  • Frequency Range 20Hz - 8GHz
  • Input Level +30 to -130dBm
  • Resolution Bandwidth 1Hz to 10MHz
  • Digital Demodulation capability
  • Available options
    • 01 Digital Demodulation Analysis
    • 02 Memory Card Drive
    • 05 Audio Demodulation Output (AM, FM)
    • 10 Level Tuning (for PDC-BS)
    • 21 Precision Frequency Reference
    • 61 CdmaOne Analysis Software
    • 62 WCDMA Analysis Software
    • 63 GSM/EDGE/DECT Analysis Software
    • 64 PDC/PHS/IS-136 Analysis Software
    • 65 Cdma2000 Analysis Software
    • 73 FM Deviation Analysis Software
    • 74 3.5GHz Tracking Generator
    • Please contact your local Livingston office for configuration
  • Connector 50 Ω Type-N (f)
  • Built-in 3.5in floppy disk drive
  • RS-232, Parallel & IEEE Interfaces
  • Wide dynamic range -145dBc/Hz (2GHz band. typ.) 70dBc or more (5MHz offset. typ.) in ACP measurement of W-CDMA
  • Average noise level: -154dBm/Hz (2GHz band)
  • Input attenuator 75dB in 5dB steps
  • 1dB gain compression: 0dBm (typ. +3dBm)
  • 2-signal 3rd-order distortion: -90dBc or less (2GHz band)
  • Span accuracy within ± 1% (typ. ± 0.2%. compatible with all spans)
  • Refresh rate 20 times/s

Item code: 111014

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Advantest R3267

Spectrum Analyser (20Hz - 8GHz)

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